Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Let the plans begin! -Student Night!

Capstone, ah, I love it so. I would love if it were over already. Now, don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my client and I LOVE my capstone project, I don't LOVE portfolio/resume/papers/everything else about capstone!

I am a little down in the dumps today, I will blame it on the weather. I just wish I didn't have all the extra homework from capstone, I feel like my project would turn out much better, but hey, that's really any class you take. It is preparing me for the real world work environment, you may not always do what you want to, and you have to multitask, well let me tell you, I will be a pro in multitasking after this! I am done with all of that now for the most part, so now I can really focus on my client and making her business EVEN better than it already is!

First off, I'll start by telling you I did a focus group last week, the first one I have ever done, by the way. It was great! I had a lot of fun and everyone got pizza after! Focus groups are definitely the way to go for research, the feedback was wonderful and will help make great changes!

I have been planning, and planning, and planning, and FINALLY! it's here! Tiny Cakes and Truffles is presenting a Student Night to kick off their new student promotion Student Tuesday's, you'll get 15% off your lunch purchase on Tuesdays 11-2ish with a valid RSU ID! The fun starts this next Tuesday the 26th, if you're a student, come check it out! Free food, live music, and free wi-fi with friends! What could be better? RSVP NOW! =)

This is just one of the cool things you get to do in capstone. Designing this flyer and organizing this event has been so much fun! I also created two new Facebook pages for the two separate locations! Be sure to "like" those and share! Claremore Tiny Cakes Facebook and Owasso Tiny Cakes Facebook. I am also designing a new business card, website, and a few other things. This class reassured me that I am doing what I love!

It is crazy to think my whole capstone is due in about a month, scary to think, but exciting, I'm moving closer to the end!

Until next time,

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