Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Clients and Guest Speakers

Well I have managed to make it through three whole weeks of capstone! Whew. I have decided on my client and am now starting to work on my first draft for my prospectus. I have FINISHED all the discussion papers over the chapters in the book which were more fun and informative than I thought. Word of advice, get those discussions papers done as soon as you can. They are easy, the book is easy to read, and it will leave you more time to work on your actual capstone project.

My client. My client for my capstone is Tiny Cakes and Truffles. They have two locations, one here in Claremore, about a mile downhill from the campus, and another in Owasso. Let me tell you, their cupcakes are delicious! Not only their cupcakes, but they have some killer soup for lunch. You should definitely check it out if you have never been! They even have Wi-Fi and coffee. Now I'm making myself hungry so I will move on.

Now that I have chosen my client, it's time to get to work. When I say work, I mean plan, plan, and some more planning. The prospectus you will be doing is like a giant blueprint for your project, and yes, you will feel like this is pointless, and you just want to start working on your project, but trust me, it is very helpful to have planned out what you're going to do instead of diving into an empty pool. The prospectus is taking a lot more time and a lot more meetings with my mentor than I expected. I knew what I wanted to do and I knew how I wanted to do it, but man, I got a wake up call for sure. It's time consuming so I would not suggest waiting until the last minute to do this.

Also, if you would like to help participate in my capstone project, and you are a student, not just at RSU but maybe another college, please feel free to fill out this 10 question survey. No pressure ;). Thanks in advance!! =)

Check out my survey! =)

So the past couple of class periods have been filled with a lot of knowledge about getting a job after you graduate. We had a woman come speak to us from Williams, and a man, and former RSU student, come speak to us from career services on campus. I always like hearing from guest speakers for the simple fact that you get others insights on the subject at hand. Everyone has experienced different things in life, and sometimes it's nice to hear that even though they struggled like you are during your final semesters of college, that eventually you will end up being successful, if you work for it. So, don't skip class during guest speakers, you might find that you learn something you would have never known before. For example, for everyone out there that may have partied a little too hard during these past four years, or maybe you haven't said the best things about people on your social media, CLEAN IT UP. Don't have time, you say? Check out facewa.sh

Well that's all for now, due to the fact that I have a lot of prospectus to edit before tomorrow evening. Good luck to anyone working on this! Just think, we're so close to the end. And always remember ASK FOR HELP. You're never too old to ask for help or advice, it will save you a lot of extra stress.

Until next time,

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