Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Capstone, it's becoming less scary as the days go by.

Senior Capstone, the one class that many look forward to and dread at the same time. It means you are so close to graduating, yet so close to no social life for the next five months, or so I thought. Upon coming to RSU I wondered what this capstone business was all about but didn't give much thought into it until now, now that I am in the class.

All of your classes throughout your college career have told you about this infamous portfolio and that saving good work is important because one day you will add this to your portfolio. Portfolio? What in the world? Well now I know and am glad that I had some good hard work saved to show my progress throughout my degree plan.

The first day of capstone began right after break began, why? Because planning ahead is what college has taught us over the past 4 years, and now, it's time to put that to the test. Receiving the e-mail was frightening at first and even overwhelming. Then the actual first day of class, January 15th. The great thing about capstone and being scared to death about it, is that so is everyone else, and I mean everyone! You're not alone in this process and by now, you seem to know just about everyone in your class on a somewhat personal level. The first day we were told to read three chapters out of a book and then write three discussion papers over those chapters, due the next night. Talk about overwhelming. I only say it sounded overwhelming because communications class are pretty labor intensive in the writing department. Now this is where capstone gets fun. I know what you're thinking. Fun?

After leaving and feeling overwhelmed and thinking to myself, "well I've come this far," reality set in. I picked up the book for the class which is more of a self help book once you start reading it and realize after no time at all, you've read all the assigned chapters, it's such an easy read. The information I found helpful and interesting about preparing me for the job market. I knocked out three chapters, which are very small in size, and three 1-2 page papers in about an hour an a half. Ok, not so bad. Now to find a client to work with. Check, I've got two potential clients to meet with. I get to meet with them and do what I have been in school for for the past four years, work in public relations!Things are starting to feel less stressful and more fun! Yes, I said it, school being fun!

The whole point of capstone is to show that for the past four years you actually learned something in those classes that you slept in, stayed home from, or even texted through. That maybe, just maybe, you gained some knowledge to be able to demonstrate that in a project form. BAM! That's capstone. You get to be creative, on your own, with your own client.

It is very important, I have found, to make sure you network and build relationships throughout your college career. Even though it is the second week I have found that I have needed numerous amounts of advice and help for this class, but that is normal, if you already knew everything, you wouldn't need to take this class. My class even made a Facebook group so that we can communicate about the crazy assignments and ask for help. Having a good relationship with even one professor will help you along, and my internship connections will be of great help as well. 

So now after my rambling on for what seems to be more than I wrote for my first capstone paper, I will let you be. I'll be taking you through a journey of what my semester as a senior in capstone really is like, so when you have to go through this, you won't have quite as many questions or scares

Until next time,